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Daniele Lo Rito. Graduated (1980) in Medicine and Surgery at Padua with a thesis anticipatory analgesic effect of acupuncture in patients operated septoplasty , he specialized in Otolaryngology (1983 ) at the University of Verona with a thesis on the action potassium ascorbate in cancer of the oral cavity ( Pantellini therapy ). His thought of being able to "see" the man in his integrity led him immediately to search for new ways and thus achieved a diploma in Classical Acupuncture at the School of Torino directed by U. Lanza and his diploma from the School of Homeopathic Medicine Homeopathic directed by A. Masi . The encounter with his master (iridology) Siegfried Rizzi , Laces occurred in 1980 , will mark the beginning of his future path as a scholar and researcher who will cross many areas of development of particular interpretative iridology who gathered in his concept of multidimensionality (Daniele Lo Rito).