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Daniele Lo Rito

Daniele Lo Rito.  Graduated (1980) in Medicine and Surgery at Padua, with a dissertation on acupuncture related otolaryngology. He specialized in Otolaryngology (1983) at the University of Verona. with a thesis on the use of potassium ascorbate in cancer ENT.

Daniele Lo Rito practice otolaryngology, acupuncture, homeopathy and iridology, herbal medicine, therapy with Bach flowers, with flowers Californians and Australians, using the Ka and Mo oleolites.

In the field of iridology research Daniele Lo Rito has found:

a-time risk of the method, how to read the time through your iris

b-the method of Space Risk, how to read body areas related to the spine

c-dimensional method of iridology, as we can read the information and multiple levels iridology.